Estate Liquidation & Services


 Manage Estate Liquidation:

  • Secure and inventory Estate for Executor or Administrator
  • Provide digital and written inventory report as needed
  • Provide daily reports to Executor as needed
  • Sell all usable property and donate non sellable items


  When the court appoints a guardian of the estate, the guardian is assigned the following responsibilities:  We serve Guardians to assist them in their responibilites

  • Marshall and protect assets
  • Obtain appraisals of property
  • Protect property and assets from loss
  • Receive income for the estate
  • Make appropriate disbursements
  • Obtain court approval prior to selling any asset
  • Obtain court approval prior to selling any asset
  • Report to the court or estate status


Estate & Trust Officers

  Changing Times specializes in serving the Guardianship community
Our Services include:  

  • Secure and Protect Real &Personal Property
  • Inventory of assets
  • Obtain appraisals
  • Manage Real Estate
  • Provide Market Analysis of Real Estate
  • Provide weekly reports
  • Sell Real Estate